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Is this your first medical with me?

If this is the first time you are attending for a medical, my administrative support team will need to set you up on our clinical and billing system. This must be done before your medical and only needs to be done once. Please download the form by clicking the link below and return the completed form to

You then need to click here to learn how to set yourself up for a CAA portal account. It is via this portal that you  make your application which must be done before you can have your medical with me. 

Once you have a CAA Portal account, you will see a list at the top of the page that says YOUR ACTIVE SERVICES and it is important that MEDICAL is in this list. If MEDICAL is not in the active list, you need to activate it by clicking on it. This will trigger the CAA to process the activation which can take a few days. When MEDICAL is active, click on it and you will be directed to a series of medical questions that you must answer fully before the day of your medical. At the end of the medical questionnaire, you will need to pay a small CAA fee then you will get the message that it is time to book your medical. Please ensure this is all complete before you come to the medical. Any questions, please whatsapp 07797819248

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