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What To Bring To Your Medical

  • Proof of Identifcation ( A passport is ideal)

  • For new applicants, you must ask your GP to print off a summary of your medical record and bring this with you. If you ask for an "Emis brief summary" you will get the right thing,

  • Your previous medical certificate

  • You MUST complete your CAA application online EVERY YEAR and pay your CAA fee before you come to the medical. If this is not done, I will be unable to proceed to your medical.This has to be done every year. You need to declare your entire medical history from scratch each year so please spend some time making sure this is accurate and complete. You may want to print a copy to make this process easier each year.

  • Bring your CAA Portal login details in case of problems.

  • For FAA applicants, bring your MedXpress generated confirmation number. Please remember your FAA confirmation number must not be more than 60 days old.

  • Bring your glasses AND your latest written glasses prescription - Even if this is unchanged, I will need to see it each time. Be prepared to remove contact lenses as I need to measure your uncorrected vision as well as your corrected.

  • If you have visited an optician recently, it is very helpful if you can ask the optician to complete this form. 

  • I now advise all pilots to keep a folder with paperwork relating to their medical history and to bring this to the medical. In here you can put any letters to and from your GP to the hospital, current medications with doses, latest blood results and and anything you think I might need to see and scan. 

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