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"What to bring to your medical" checklist

Is this your first ever appointment with me?

If so please print this form, complete it and scan back to [email protected] so that we can put you on our clinical and billing system. 


Proof of Identification ( a passport is ideal) at the first appointment only

Your last medical certificate

Any corrective lenses. If you visit an optician, it is helpful to have this form completed (Optional)

Photocopies of medical records/clinic letters relevant to declared conditions

An up to date prescription list from your GP

Your GP's name and contact details

Important: Please bring your CAA portal login details with you


New Pilots: 

CAA Class 2 initial medicals: If this is your first ever medical, please ensure that your optician has completed this CAA Med 162 eye test form before you come for your medical. You should bring the paper copy with you. Also, new regulation requires all initial medicals to include an ECG which I will do at the medical.


CAA: Please use the CAA PORTAL to answer your medical questionnaire and pay your CAA fee PRIOR to your medical. Information about this can be found by clicking here

FAA: Please email me your medexpress number in advance of your appointment. This number is generated after you complete your online FAA application which you should do before your medical by clicking here

IMPORTANT: It can be a criminal offence to provide incomplete, inaccurate or false statements regarding your medical history in your Cellma application.


I will explain the medical certificate, any limitations applied, and remind you of your obligation to notify any changes to your health status between medical examinations.

If you are refused a medical certificate, a clear explanation of the reasons will be given to you, and what further actions are needed to re-gain certification. Your rights of appeal against the decision and access to a secondary review will be made clear.