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What To Bring To Your Medical

  • Proof of Identifcation ( A passport is ideal)

  • Your previous medical certificate

  • Your CAA Portal login details/ FAA Confirmation number

  • Your glasses AND your latest prescription

  • If you have visited an optician recently, it is very helpful if you can ask the optician to complete this form. 

  • I advise all pilots to keep a folder with paperwork relating to their medical history and to bring this to the medical. In here you can put any letters to and from your GP to hospital, current medications with doses, latest blood results and anything you think I might need to see. I can then scan relevent documents from this folder to the CAA database if  needed.

  • CLASS 2 INITAL MEDICALS: If this is your first ever medical, please ensure you have visited an optician before you attend and that they have completed the CAA MED 162 EYE TEST FORM . Please bring the completed paper copy with you. 

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