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What will my medical cost?

CAA Examinations all classes £215
Cabin Crew Medicals £165
Fire Crew Medicals £165
Airside Driving Medicals £165
Airside Ground Handling Medicals £165

FAA all classes £215
FAA examination if carried out at same time as CAA medical £100

Interim aviation medical appointment including 'fitness' changes £80

Supplementary Fees:
ECG £35
Specialist ECG Cardiology Over-read - Payable direct to cardiologist
Spirometry £35
Audiogram £35
24 hour BP analysis £42
Haemoglobin blood test £20
All other venous blood tests £40
Referral letter to GP or specialist £20

Phone discussions and email correspondence are free of charge. However, changes to fitness status and complex casework is charged at £60 per 15 minutes.

Credit card payments are accepted. You can pay on the day or you will usually be invoiced by Island Medical Centre a few days after your medical.

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